Voice Over

Voice overs are an effective way to convey relevant information to an audience or evoke emotion. Without voice overs, the entertainment industry and media would not enjoy the success they’re experiencing right now. Voice overs are often used in advertising. This is because when people hear the same voice representing a product or service, it builds credibility and trust. You will see TV commercials without an actor, only a product and a voice over. An active voice over emphasises the product instead of the actor or endorser seen with it. If you want to use a voice over to promote your goods or services, just call us, and we will provide you with a high-quality sound production that suits your budget.

Web Like Web has a team of talented and experienced voice over actors who can deliver your message to your target audience. We pair you up with the right player who has the right view to suit your needs. If you need a voice over for a voicemail, we can provide the right voice talent for it. We have been in business for years, so we know what works for a certain client and what doesn’t. Our voice talents have been providing voice overs to various businesses for years, so there is always someone who fits your requirements.


We also have multilingual voice over services. If you have an international business, it is important that you get someone who can speak the language of your target audience so that you can clearly get your message across.

State-of-the-art Studio and Recording Equipment

All voice overs we offer are recorded in state-of-the-art studio using high-quality recording equipment. This allows us to monitor the quality of our voice overs and ensures that they meet the requirements of our clients. Every audio clip is carefully assessed first before we send it.

Excellent Support

We can be reached anytime by phone or email. Regardless of your location, you are assured that there is always someone who will answer your questions or entertain your concerns. We can send a demo or sample of our voice overs for your peace of mind.

High-Quality Voice Over

When you choose Web Like Web for your voice production, you are assured to get only the best voice overs from us. Our voice talents are trained to provide the exact needs of our clients, so you won’t just get a simple recording from us. What you will get is a high-quality voice production that evokes emotions and effectively delivers your message to your target audience.

We offer a wide range of voice over services, so there is always something that suits your needs. Our voice talents can provide video, flash and internet narration, message productions, interactive voice response and voice prompts like auto-attendant and voicemail. We can also offer recording, dubbing, subtitling and translation services. If you don’t know what message you should deliver in your voice prompts, we can provide some helpful tips and advice as well. We are here to give value for your money, so you can trust us to provide you the best service that you deserve at the best price.