Adwords Managment

It’s important to get PPC advertising right. The competition is tough and making a small mistake in your marketing strategy can lead to pushing customers away and losing them to competitor sites.

Social Media Marketing Service

Social media marketing services could be a remarkable benefit for small and large business that want to expand more their service or products.

Video Marketing

Video marketing allows agencies to converse their message in multiple levels: text, imagery and the spoken words, at the same time reaching a wide audience with minimal cost and shortest time.

App Development

More and more people are using their mobile phones to search online or purchase what they want. They often use apps on their phones to check their email, play games or communicate with their clients or friends.


A lot of people may think what are the major disparities between websites which some are on the top f search results while others are buried on the last page?

Voice Over

Voice overs are an effective way to convey important information to an audience or evoke emotion. Without voice overs, the entertainment industry and media would not enjoy the success they’re experiencing right now.

Content Marketing

Content marketing, it is a planned marketing method of connecting as well as engaging with a customer by means of the publication and distribution of extremely relevant as well as targeted content.

Email Marketing Service

An Email marketing service is a kind of direct advertising that utilized email to correspond a commercial message concerning your brands or company’s service or product to existing and future clients.

Website Design

WordPress is among the most popular blogging platforms today. Optimizing your WordPress website means paying attention to your website design.

Search Engine Optimizing

Want to know more about Search Engine Optimization but are not sure where to begin? Well, you come to the right place- we are Web Like Web and we know more about SEO or search engine optimization. With search engine optimization, quality is very much critical. Web like Web stand for quality, so you can say it is a match made in online heaven. We put in value to your site, and thus your business in general. If you want your business to go extra mile, then you need Web Like Web.

Responsive Website Design

With regards to flexibility, features as well as security, none of the content management system could beat WordPress. This is a very versatile content management system and you can develop and manage your site easily with the assistance of WordPress. It doesn’t matter if you want to make a custom blog or a business website; website design by WordPress is the best solution for you.


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